Have U Seen My Girl ft. Joey & Qua. J.

by Daszion (dayjon)

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This song is about a young man who is praying for a special peculiar young lady. This song also encourages teen boys and girls to stay holy and stay focused on Christ and resist the pressures to conform to this world. This single uses Scripture to encourage youth to fall in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and wait for true love


She doesn't have to be beautiful but she got to have class
Not extraordinarily brilliant with a Calculus pass
She is not like 'em other girls
She likes holiness, righteousness and she loves the Lord
She doesn't walk around naked cause Jesus doesn't like it
Holiness wraps around this girl just like a blanket

She loves Sunday School and never misses youth practice
All night prayer meeting is a regular habit
She magnifies the Lord Jesus
With her life, hands and feet she magnifies the Lord
Meditating on the Word, she's been praying all night
Her pastor says she's growing
Yes she is growing alright
So Modest, Meek and Patient
Holy Ghost girl always watching and praying

2) I day dream about her everyday
leave the night for late comers
so she'll never stray
can't see a vivid picture but none is in my way
i know my girl must, yea she loves to pray
Got to be loyal so in church she will always stay
i got her back she has my back until the end of days
my motivation through out the nation to make that great escape
if looks can kill, she will be on the murder case
if that's the case, i guess I'll find her anyway
she's one in a million, in my eyes she's custom made
i thank you God for this wonderful creature you create
and make me get brave, take me to the happy place
but what can i do now
dropping missing posters on every church now
or should i drop the wanted ones on the court grounds
God i know your seen her, where to go now?

3) She doesn't have to be beautiful
Cause she got Jesus inside
True beauty is the result of the renewal of the mind
Sometimes it makes you sad
To see your homegirls embracing all the latest fads

But they don't define who you are
To your dad you're a star
You're not like those others who went too far

Jesus Christ is at the pinnacle with no one else
God made her unique so guys don't flatter yourself
Like that day she held your hands, that's just her way of saying she cares and understands
She clings to the Cross and loves the Brand New Life
She is in love with the Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ
So modest, meek and patient
Holy Ghost Girl always watching and praying


released October 18, 2013
Have You Seen my Girl
Written by: Jayden McKenzie and Derrick Johnson
Produced by: ScareCrow Productions U.S.A
Executive Producer: Kurt McKenzie
Recorded by: Brett McTaggart, FlipSide Productions, Cayman Islands



all rights reserved


Daszion (dayjon)

Daszion (day-jan) is an urban contemporary Gospel duo that primarily ministers to tweens, teens and young adults. Their sound has been described as pop influenced contemporary Gospel and places great emphasis on Christ -centeredness. They released their debut album on October 10, 2011. The duo consists of 13 year old Jayden and 10 year old Mellean. They are currently recording their sophomore CD. ... more

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